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Can you believe it's already May? 
I love May.
I love the Spring weather. 
The flip flop potential. 
The long walks. 
And ice cream. 
Lots of ice cream.

But I digress... here's my CURRENTLY:

Listening: Ginny Owens is streaming from Pandora right now.
Loving: My new linky party, "Tricks of the Trade" launched today.

This week's theme was tricks for creating bulletin boards in the classroom. Got an idea? Link up!

Thinking: This Saturday I am going to spend twelve hours doing nothing but scrapbooking! (well and consuming my body weight in junk food!) I am joining some ladies from Creative Memories and we're going to scrap our hearts out! I can't wait :) I'm going to be working on a scrapbook of our many New York City adventures, as well as creating some cards.

Here are some pictures from a recent trip into NYC - we went to the Irish Potato Famine Memorial. These stones were originally from a cottage in Ireland - they tore it down, shipped them over, and built the monument using the stones:
 Here's my hubby with a rock from Cork - the county where his family came from:
Here's a sample of the cards I've recently made:

Wanting: a manicure and a bubble bath. Don't we all?

Needing: my food pantry is slightly very disorganized. I plan to tackle it this weekend...unless the weather is too nice and it beckons me outside :)

Summer bucket list: This summer I am going to be taking all of my books home (I'm going to need to rent a U-Haul!) and will be cataloging them on my computer using my handy-dandy Intelli-scanner:
It's an AMAZING tool that scans bar codes and generates catalogs of books, magazines, movies. Connect it to your computer and with one simple scan, it records the title, author, publisher, copyright date, number of pages, genre, and a short summary. It also registers how many copies you have in your collection. You can even set it up so that students check books in and out using the scanner.
AND if you're a teacher, they give you $20 off! 
Check it out: IntelliScanner

Well I'm off to check out the blogs that have linked up with "Tricks of the Trade"
Have you linked up? If you do, you'll be entered into a drawing to win any 3 items from my TpT store.


  1. 12 hours of scrapbooking sounds like so much fun! The cards you have made are cute! One of my goals for the summer is to get caught up on my scrapbooking!


    1. Thanks Bethany!
      I have really gotten into card making in the last couple of months - I go on rampages when I make a TON at a time (I figure I might as well make it worth it once I get ALL of my supplies out!)

  2. Ginny Owens performed at my church earlier this year, she's amazing! I would love to scrapbook all day! I've been doing project life this year and I'm 2 months behind now! I'm your newest follower - I'm glad I found you!

    JustAnother PBJ Day

    1. Oh I would LOVE to see Ginny Owens in concert- she is so inspiring and wonderful to listen to :)

      I really enjoy scrap booking but it does take a lot of time...and supplies! When I really get into it my living room looks like a tornado has been through ;)

      Thanks for following!

  3. Have fun scrapbooking! I'm planning on doing a little crafting this weekend, but I'd love to have a whole day to devote to it!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks Courtney!
      Ohh please post pictures of what you make - I love to see other's crafty creations!

  4. Shut


    (and I say that with all kinds of love)

    Ok, there are so many fun things I need to talk about here.

    1. My all time dream is to go to Ireland. So, if you want to plan a trip, I'm in.

    2. Scrapbooking. I love Scrapbooking. Period. Ok, I need to say more. I love your cards. I'm jealous you get to spend 12 hours scrapbooking. And, I'm pretty sure you need to eat your weight in junk food because you are TINY.

    3. I'm going to come through the computer and steal I mean borrow your scanner. I so need that. I mean, really need that. Although, It's very unlikely I could tote all 1,000 of my books home. But I'd do it, if I had that scanner!!!

    Love ya!!!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Hahahah!

      Ireland? I'm up for it! My hubby went two years ago and still talks about it ALL THE TIME! We are hoping to go in the next couple of years :)

      I am SO excited for my Scrap-a-thon! It's going to be AWESOME! I'm going to scrapbook til I drop...and then scrapbook some more!

      Ok - we need to plan a get-together. You can come to my house in New Jersey (bring your family!). We'll trek around New York City (I live 20 minutes outside), scrapbook, and scan children's books together! :)

      Thanks for stopping by friend :)

  5. Relaxing this summer and getting organized for my new first grade classroom is my goal. I have to go check out that IntelliScanner, because that sounds awesome. Too bad it does also include a DRA level!

    Found your blog through Currently and I am your newest follower. Check my blog out over at

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat


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