Giveaway Winners and Things I'm Definitely Going to Do Next Year

I'm here with some very exciting news...
Congratulations to my lovely winners -
you should be receiving lots of love soon!
And for the rest of my lovely followers, in appreciation to you,
both my TpT store and my TN store will be
20% off for the rest of the week!
Thank-you to everyone who donated products,
entered the giveaway, and left fun comments.
It was hilarious to read your
"I could eat 200..., but not 200..." statements.

Now, I'm joining Kim from "Finding Joy in 6th"
for her fabulous linky party.
Now, unlike many of you, I am STILL in school and summer vacation is on the distant horizon. We have 17 days of school left, but I am definitely looking forward to next year and planning what ideas I'll keep, which I'll modify, and which I'll scrap.

Tip: I often use sticky notes to take notes on my lesson plans and/or textbooks throughout the year.
For example, I may write:
 It really helps me as I reflect on the year
and look ahead to the next.

Now, here are some things
I'm DEFINITELY going to do next year:

What are your must-dos for next year? 
Hop on over to "Joy in 6th" and share them!

Now I can't get too ahead of myself - while I'm loving filling up my summer bucket list and planning what I'll do differently next year, I do need to focus on the rest of this year, which means this little chickie is off to lesson plan for the week! :)

I was just told my a blogging friend that my
 "Field Trip Forms" freebie packet was featured in the
Teacher's Notebook newsletter!
I am beyond psyched - and very honored :)
You can download it for FREE by clicking here...
or just read your e-newsletter! :)

On Thursday we'll be back for another exciting 
"Tricks of the Trade"
This week's theme is...

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