Five for Friday

~Happy Friday!~
Phew - what a week! 
I am pooped - but happily snuggled in pajamas on the couch, stuffed full of yummy Japanese Hibachi :)

Here's a re-cap of my adventure-filled week:
1. Yesterday was another exciting edition of 
Tricks of the Trade Thursdays
The theme this week was how to get (and keep!) your students' attention and minimize wasted time during transitions. Click on the button below to read some of the awesome *tricks* that were shared:
Also it's not too late to link up! 
The link will be open until Wednesday night.
Our topic for next week will be announced on Sunday. 

2. Superhero Adjectives
We've been continuing our fun-filled study of adjectives! I don't like to teach grammar in isolation - when I teach a concept, I want my kiddos to show me they understand in practical, realistic ways. So to wrap up our unit, I had my students do a creative writing project. I used this fun activity from
"The Teacher's Cauldron":
Half of my students were given a superhero card and the other half were given these description cards:
They walked around the classroom and found their "match"

Then we took the activity one step further and they used their superhero card and adjective descriptions to write an adventure story. I had them underline all of the vivid adjectives they used:
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3. Cinco de Mayo
We celebrated "Cinco de Mayo" this week. My students knew next to nothing about the holiday (as did their teacher!) so we learned a lot together :)
We watched a couple great videos from
And then completed a packet made from activities in this FREE product:
I put our Acrostic Poems on display for all to admire:
4. Field Trip: This week we went on an AWESOME field trip to the Newark Museum:
We did two workshops in the morning:
1. Forensic Science: The kids learned about evidence left at crime scenes, DNA, and blood types.
2. Greek and Roman History and Cutlure: We explored the exhibit, made observations, and cataloged artifacts. Then we got some hands-on experience with a popular art method: creating metal plates:
They drew/wrote on plain paper and then traced it on top of thin sheets of metal to create an imprint:

 5. Mother's Day Activities
To celebrate Mother's Day, we read the fantastic book M.O.M.: Mom's Operating Manual by Doreen Cronin
If you have not read it, you MUST! 
I think adults enjoy the humor more than the kids!
I brought it to show my mom for Mother's Day :)

Then we made "Mother's Day Tablets"
They are going to go with the tiles we decorated as coasters. You can read about the project by visiting Rose's post HERE: Homemade Mother's Day Coasters
Well that's it for tonight - I am plum-tuckered out and can hear my pillow calling my name! 
Good night, bloggy friends :)

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