Adventures with Adjectives

The majority of my students have all come down
with a terrible bug this week.
It's really contagious.
It's really disruptive.
They've been plagued with Spring Frenzy.
That definition sums up my week.
To say my kids were zany would be an understatement.

But next Monday we'll start a fresh week - and I'm choosing to focus on that.

This week my friend, Becky from Compassionate-Teacher,
and I hosted our very first linky party:
The theme this week was Bulletin Board Creation.
It's not too late to link up - join the fun HERE!

If you missed my "May Currently"
you can check it out here: Currently

Now I am linking up with these two lovely ladies for a
re-cap of my week:

I'm trying to do my Friday posts more themed,
so this week I'm going going to share 5 fun ADJECTIVE ideas!

1. Anchor Chart
To launch our unit, we reviewed the definition of an adjective and listed examples:
I gave the students two minutes to list as many adjectives as they could - one student wrote down 78!
Her hand sure was sore after that :)

2. Adjective Alphabet
I displayed this awesome Adjective Alphabet that my teaching partner, Rose, created:
Rose just started a blog, Rosie's Rambles
(how cute is that name?!)
Head on over and leave her some love!

3. Unpack Your Adjectives 
I love Schoolhouse Rock videos and use them when introducing any grammar concept.
We watched "Unpack Your Adjectives"
In the video, a girl is sharing about a recent camping trip - and her re-cap is chocked-full of adjectives!

Unpacking Our Adjectives Bulletin Board
And then since we just came back from Spring Break,
we wrote about our vacations and filled our stories with lots of vivid adjectives:
Here's a close-up of one:

4. Appetizing Adjectives
I had each student bring in a picture of a food item - they could draw it, print it out, or cut it out of a magazine. At school, I had them make a list of adjectives to describe their food. We then wrote persuasive advertisements for our food item.
Here are some samples: 
You can read about the entire process of putting this bulletin board together HERE.

5. Cinco de Mayo
Anddd it wouldn't be a Friday without a FREEBIE:
May 5th is known as "Cinco de Mayo" and to introduce my students to different aspects of Mexican history and culture, I have created an activity packet.
Click here for your FREE 15-page Cinco de Mayo Activity Packet
Here are some sample pages:
*If you download it, please take a moment to leave feedback*

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