Sparking Student Motivation

I think I need to buy stock in Michaels Arts and Crafts. 
I spend enough there to keep them in business. 
They should make me a partner. Give me a commission. 
At least give me a free t-shirt :)
I went three times this week. 
In one week. 
And did some serious damage to my wallet :) 
But I justify it because everything I bought was on sale. Seriously. The entire store is on sale during their fabulous Daily Deals event. Boy did I find some treasures :) I can't wait to get crafting - both for my classroom and at home. I plan to spend tomorrow afternoon cracking away on projects!

I'm joining Joanne for her fabulous new linky party, "Spark Student Motivation Saturdays"
My idea today originates from Pintrest...
as do most wonderful ideas :)

This is a Classroom Management system that I started using a few weeks ago. When we complete activities in partners or in groups, the students start with the letters to spell N.O.I.S.E. posted on the white board.

Each time I have to remind the students to lower their voices or stay on-task, I remove a letter (they're magnetized on my board), starting at the end of the word. When the "E", "S", and "I" have been removed, the class goes to "NO Talking" and must work silently.

It is very effective and visual way of reminding students to stay focused and quiet while they have the privilege of working with others. They HATE to lose letters and when they get to "NO" they have to work silently for five minutes and then they can try again, working in a whisper 

Click HERE for the original link from Pintrest.

How do you keep students on-task during partner or group work?

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