"PQ3R" Non-fiction Reading Strategy (Freebie included)

I'm linking up with Holly from "Fourth Grade Flipper" to share an idea that I've tried::

In Reading class, we've been focusing on non-fiction.

I teach my kids that reading comprehension for non-fiction takes "juice" from a different part of the brain than fiction stories. You have to come at it from a different angle, attack it with different strategies.

Here is one strategy that we tried this yesterday:

It's a basic reading comprehension strategy that has students take note of important non-fiction text features and use them to increase their comprehension and retention:

I used this strategy to introduce our author for the week, John Bunyan.

We read "John Bunyan: Prisoner with a Pen" using our PQ3R strategy: 

While I model ed my thinking on the board,
the students filled in this note sheet in their binders:

We previewed and questioned together and then read the non-fiction passage. Then, they went back and jotted down the answers to their questions. Then we buddy-shared a summary of the passage and practiced working in pairs to create a concise summary of main ideas.

I have each strategy listed on a bulletin board for easy reference:

You can download these non-fiction strategy posters and two student note-sheets for FREE!

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