Poem In My Pocket

Last Thursday was "Poem In My Pocket" Day,
a national day that celebrates poetry and encourages people to share a favorite poem with everyone they meet!

We've been doing lots of poetry activities throughout the month of April and my students have been having a BLAST!
Here are some books we've been reading from each day before lunch:
My kids LOVE anything written by Bruce Lansky.

Here is the poem that I brought in my pocket to share:
This young boy has crashed his bike into a tree and now has a loose tooth. His "s" is now "th" and "r" is "w."
I went around, speaking in a "lispy" voice, pretending I had a loose tooth. The students roared! They begged me to read all sorts of random things in a "Woe Ith Me" fashion. 

We also read some hilarious poems from this book:
My favorite is "Giant Children," a poem told form the perspective of a classroom hamster talking about gigantic children in the classroom.
I created a FUN and ENGAGING activity packet that you could use when reading this poem:

You can snap a copy for only $1! Click HERE to check it out.

I had each student bring in a poem to share. We collected them and stuck them in our class "pockets":

But before we put them away, we had a time of Poem Sharing:

Check out some of the FREE  Poetry Resources
I have created for you:

It was a very successful day - and I'm linking up with Lisa from "The Lower Elementary Cottage"
Have an idea that was particularly successful this week?
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