Guest Blogger: Rose Loiacono!

Hello bloggy friends!
I am very excited to introduce you to my guest-blogger for the day, my 5th grade teaching partner, my friend, my crafting buddy, my idea-boucer-offer, my advice-giver...
Rose Loiacono. 

Rosie and I share the responsibility of training and instructing 33 fifth graders. We each teach Bible and Social Studies to our homerooms and the rest of the day is spent switching between us, the dynamic duo. Rose teaches Math and Science, while I do Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, and Penmanship. 

Rosie doesn't have a blog, but she is a fabulous teacher with wonderful ideas that need to be shared with the world! So I convinced her to be a guest blogger :)

Name: Rose Loiacono
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY, but am currently working in Nutley, NJ
Favorite childhood vacation: Disney World, let’s be honest I still love going to Disney World!
College: Undergrad: Palm Beach Atlantic University        
                Graduate School: Liberty University (online program)
Best college memory: There are so many college memories…one of my favorites was senior year when my two best friends and I took a road trip.  We worked our way up the coast of Florida to Savannah, GA.  When we were in Savannah, we were staying at a Bed and Breakfast and the people thought it was weird that we were on spring break doing something educational and not on a beach somewhere.  We had to tell them that we go to school on the beach!  A few people asked if we wanted them to write a letter to our professor telling them what we did over spring break. 
How many years you've been teaching: in my fourth year teaching in a classroom, I spent two years home schooling a family of thirteen children and only teaching one student. I have previously taught third grade for three years.
Grade you currently teach: 5th grade
Favorite subject to teach and why: Science. I love the exploration we get to do in science.  We can do hands on activities that get the students learning about the various different concepts.  We can also make a mess while learning!
Best attention-getter: I use one of the whole brain teaching attention-getters.  The teacher says “class” and the students reply “yes”.  They have to imitate how I say the word class when they reply.  I sometimes have to repeat class two or three times, but they are silent afterwards.
Best classroom management strategy: Team points. I love having my students sitting in groups. Often times I will make each group of students a team, letting them choose their own team name. They have to work together to behave and get their work done. I will also give points for everyone on a team being ready for the next subject or for sitting quietly during a lesson.  At the end of the week, I will give the winning team ten tickets. They are always thrilled if their team wins.
Biggest challenge in the classroom: The students who are constantly talking and sometimes don’t even realize they are talking.  Any suggestions on how to handle this?
 Product highlight: I am new to Teacher Pay Teacher and only have a few products up.  I do have a list of products I hope to make.  I want to highlight a product that I made, but am not using this year because I do not currently teach writing:
When I taught writing, I would have students who would have great ideas, but their writing was not interesting. I wanted them to make their writing fluffy.  We would talk about adjectives and how they could make our writing fluffy.  I had an adjective alphabet hanging in my room for the students to use when they were writing.  I would often times see my students going over to the alphabet to look for a word to use in their writing.  These cards were a great jumping off point for the students writing and adding lots of details.  I love when I hang up a tool and my students use it more then I think they are going to use it.

Here are some sample pages:

Jessica has allowed me to offer a give away for my AdjectiveWall Cards.  You can Pin It to Win It.  
Leave a comment along with 1. the URL of your pin and 2. your email address and I will pick a winner on Sunday night.

Thank you for reading this blog post! 
Isn't she fun? Having her as a teaching partner has been a real answer to prayer.

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