Fun-tastic Five for Friday

Wahoooooo! I am SO ready for this weekend - this 4-day week sucked the strength out of me. Isn't that usually the case?

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1. Brown-Es :)
I had a little April Fools Fun on Tuesday (April 2nd) when we returned to school. I told my students that I had missed them (we had a four-day weekend) and had made them a special Easter treat - brownies! But they had to work diligently all day in order to earn this treat.

But at the end of the day, this was what was passed out... 
Hahahahah! Get it? A Brownie A brown E!They were SO confused...and then SO MAD! 
They were disappointed that they had tried so hard to behave all day long :) But they soon laughed and all took extras home to try the joke on their parents.

2. Rock the Test
Next week we are taking THE test...dun dun dun!
My kids are prepped and ready to go - due to a lot of work all year long. We spent a great deal of time this week completing practice questions and talking strategies.

We brainstormed testing strategies and I wrote them on these fun instruments:
And then we filled in an acrostic poem for "Rock The Terra Nova"
This was a great review of strategies we've been discussing all year - and gives them a boost of confidence each time they see it.
Testing Encouragement Cards
At the end of the day today, I had my students draw a classmate's name and make a card, encouraging them to do well on the Standardized Test next week.
These are going to be on each student's desk on Monday morning as a last minute encouragement before starting the Terra Nova.

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3. Adjective Wall Cards
My coworker, Rose, created this cute Adjective Alphabet Wall Cards - and she is giving away a copy for FREE! Check out my previous post here to Pin It to Win It!

4. "Give These Women a Hand"
March was National Women's History Month and we learned a lot of fascinating information about many note-worthy women. I also had my kids research one important woman and complete a mini-biography on her. They researched using both the Internet and an encyclopedia, filled in a graphic organizer, and then recorded their information on 6 hand-prints and stapled the packet together to create their "Give These Women a Hand" booklets. 
Check out this 16-page packet in my TpT store.

They turned out really well:

4. Prepositions in my Pocket
My students really struggle with the concept of prepositions. I don't know if it's because there are so many (there are over 100) or if it's just an abstract part of speech that's not focused on in the younger grades. Either way, I usually hit on prepositions 4 or 5 different times - and by the end of the year they have a good grasp of the concept.
Here's my latest product that has helped my kiddos immensely.
There are three activities in this 32-page packet:
1. Preposition sorting activity (preposition words vs. not a preposition word)
2. Building sentences activity (constructing sentences and identifying multiple parts of speech)
3. Preposition Task Cards (32) - used as a Scoot game, a partner game, or a Scavenger Hunt

5. "A Day in the Life" Writing Activity
"A Day in the Life" is a fun and engaging writing center activity that provides students with an object or an animal and has them imagine what a day would be like. 
Included are 40 idea cards:

 Here are some of my kiddos' rough drafts - we're going to write the final copies on Monday.

You can download this writing activity for FREE by clicking here: "A Day in the Life" Imaginative Writing Activity

And exciting news... TBA is now 2 years old!
Grab some (or hundreds!) of freebies :)

Also, Amanda from "Teaching Maddeness" is hosting a GREAT giveaway - check it out:

All in all, I think it was a very successful week - hop on over to Lisa's blog, "The Lower Elementary Cottage" for her "Successful Saturday" linky party

Happy Freebie Hunting!
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