Cuttlebug Creations!

Today I want to share an idea for Holly's
"Tried-it Tuesday" linky:
This week I am on Spring Break (have I mentioned how excited I am?!) and I want to share an idea that is not teacher related. I've been spending a lot of time today indulging my other passion...crafting!

I an a hardcore scrapbooker and card-maker and today I spent several delightful hours doing just that!

Here's my idea/tutorial for today's Tried-It Tuesday:

Have you seen the Cuttlebug before? It's a wonderful machine (and the name brings a smile to my face every time!) that takes basic paper and embosses it with a creative pattern.

Here's how it works:

1. Start with a plain piece of paper: 

2. Slip it inside a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: 

Here is my collection of folders:

Slide the folder in between the "A" plates.
Put the "A" plates on top of the "B" plate and slide into the machine: 
*Use Plate "C" if using a non-Cuttlebug brand folder.

Turn the handle to move the plates through the machine:


Your paper is now embossed and ready to use!

Cuttlebugs are incredibly handy tools that can dress up any project.
You can usually find one on sale for about $50 - and the folders are usually between $3 and $6 each. 
It's definitely worth every penny!
Click HERE to check it out on Amazon.

Here are some other samples of my crafting adventure today:

Thanks for indulging my non-teacher post - it was nice to share another part of my heart with you :)
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