Anchor Chart Creations

I was perusing my Pintrest boards this morning - because that's what a girl does when she's enjoying her glorious Spring Break (can you tell I'm milking this Spring break thing, just a little?) :)

I decided to compile a document of anchor charts
that I wanted to make. 

Then I followed one anchor chart I had re-pinned and found 
Have you ever been to Julie's site?
It is a treasure-trove! let me tell you :)

Here are some anchor charts I have made for my classroom.
You can TAKE and MAKE any of them :) 
I have included templates for two of the charts that can be downloaded for FREE!

*I have made a printable copy of this anchor chart - just print and assemble!*
You can download it for FREE from my TpT store:
*I think the product is cuter than my original.
I may need to re-create mine! HAH*


And lastly, I want to share an effective management strategy that I use in my classroom to create
an atmosphere of love and kindness:
I teach my students that they are responsible for the words that come out of their mouths. They must be aware of the effect that they have on someone else. We never want to break others down - we are classmates and our goals each day is to build one another up. I have this chart hanging in my classroom as a constant reminder. When I hear a student say something unkind, even in a joking manner, I point to the sign. They've even started doing it for one another too. It's great accountability and motivates them to stop and THINK before they speak.
You can download this anchor chart for FREE too!

How do you promote peace, hope, love,
and kindness in the classroom? 
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  1. Ah, it seems I'm always saying that!! Think before you speak!! ;) thanks for linking up!

  2. This is so true!!! Think before you speak! When my husband had his restaurant he put up a poster with this quote from Gandhi:
    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
    Your thoughts become your words,
    Your words become your actions,
    Your actions become your habits,
    Your habits become your values,
    Your values become your destiny.”

    So in essence, we need to be careful with what we believe and think because there can be a chain reaction!

    I love all of these anchor charts!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. Love, love, LOVE all the anchor charts. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    2nd Grade Pad

  4. Thank you for sharing! I love the synonym and antonym anchor simple, yet I've never thought of it!]
    Literacy Spark

  5. Before you speak...think. So simple and powerful! Great anchor charts-thanks for sharing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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  7. The Meaningful Comments chart looks like something I could use during peer-review activities. Thanks for sharing!

    Second Grade Signpost


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