A Peek At My Good, Great, Superb, Fantastic Week!

Hi Friends!
I am beyond pumped!
I am finally finally FINALLY on...
Spring. Break. Two little words. Regular words. But when they're combined, they create MAGIC!

Yes, I know it's late. Yes, it should be illegal to be this late! But I'll take it! I have a to-do list a mile long for next week and I can't wait to get started!

But first, here's a peek at my
Good Great, Superb, FANTASTIC Week!
Now, it wasn't my greatest week of teaching.
The kids weren't extremely well-behaved
(but with the week before Spring Break, who can blame them?)

Nope, this week was Good GreatSuperb, FANTASTIC because we did a wonderful SYNONYM study!
1. "Tired Words" Cemetery
This was a somber week for us as we laid to rest our tired, over-used words. 
Here was my eulogy:
"Today we say good-bye to our old friends. Old, tired, over-used words. They were good words. They were some of the first ones we used when we learned to read and write. But now they have served their purpose and we must lay them to rest. We will trade them in for better choice words - more vivid words that add spice to our writing. Rest in peace, Tired Words."

Then I handed out "tombstones" with a tired, over-used word written on it and we replaced it with interesting and vivid synonyms.

You can check out this awesome activity in my TpT store by clicking on the pictures below:

2. Synonym Games
To enhance our study of synonyms, we did several center activities:


3. Product Swap
This week I SWAPPED a product with Holly from "Fourth Grade Flipper"
She swapped me her "Monster Fractions" Activities:
You can read my review of her packet HERE.
Interested in a Product Swap?
E-mail me or leave a comment below!

I am in uncharted territory...and am so excited! I plan to explore the big wide world of borders, frames, and clipart this week. And here's my first attempt: FUN and FUNCTIONAL FRAMES!
Now these are nothing fancy, but they are FUN and FUNCTIONAL...and best of all: FREE!
Click HERE to download them! You can use them for either personal or commercial use.
If you do, please leave me some love :)

5. Sweet Student Quote:
This week a student bounded into the classroom and handed me these:
Two $2 off coupons to Dutch Wonderland
Here's what she told me...
"Mrs. Lawler! Mrs. Lawler! I have something for you. Well, it's for you AND Mr. Lawler. I thought you could use it for your second honeymoon."
I DIED! She is too much! :)

Well I'm off to snuggle in pajamas and catch up on the latest episode of my new favorite show, Beauty and the Beast!

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