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Howdy y'all!

Now, I'm not officially a South Carolina blogger - but I am for this week! I'm down here for a curriculum development teaching conference - and so far it's been action-packed, challenging, encouraging, and motivating! I will compile my notes and share the treasures I learn later this week. 

For today, I'm linking up with Holly from "Fourth Grade Flipper" for her new linky party:

At the end of last week, I TRIED a fabulous product from Melissa at "Wild About Fifth Grade" as part of a Tuesday Product Trade!

Wild About Fifth Grade

It's an awesome packet to be used when implementing current events in the classroom. 

I titled my unit
and introduced the concept of reading an article for information. 

We reviewed the differences between fiction and non-fiction and the different elements of non-fiction writing.

And then I charged my detectives (that's what I call my students) with an exciting task - to read a current events article, identify key vocabulary, answer questions on author's purpose and comprehension, and then write an opinion piece about how they feel after reading the article.

To find current events and new articles, we looked at a Time for Kids magazine, 

in the National Geographic magazines in our library...

...and on this AWESOME website:
10 minute newscasts-Great for Current Events

It has TONS of great news articles and videos - on a kid's level.

Here's an example of a vocabulary sheet:
The students then answer comprehension questions about their articles and shared summaries with partners at their table group. Then the next day I had them think about the article they just read and write a short response piece.

This is a tricky (albeit necessary) skill that needs to be practiced...and practiced again.

I plan to do this exercise once every other week to get the kids invested in world events and practicing reading and responding to non-fiction (to make the Common Core writers proud!)

Looking for a great product to use when teaching Current Events with your kiddos? Check out Melissa's awesome packet by clicking here: "Current Events Authentic Literacy Instruction Template"


Now I pose the question to you...
Do you want to trade a product with me?  If you do, I'll test it out, take pictures, and then post about your product with a link back to your blog and store.

Check out my TpT store and e-mail me ( if you see a product you'd like to test out with your class!

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