"Top of the Weekend To You!"

"Top of the Weekend To You!" ...and boy am I ready for the weekend!

We've had an awesome week, filled with fun and engaging activities...Here's my 5-point re-cap. (be sure to read all the way to the end for a FREEBIE!)

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This week was action-packed, filled with lots of St. Patrick's Day *FUN* 

1. We Are Lucky Blessed to be a Family

This awesome "Family Shamrock Project" was downloaded for FREE from "Sunny Days in Second Grade"

Each student was given a shamrock and they decorated it with pictures and phrases that demonstrate why they love their family. We talked about the tradition of St. Patrick's Day and shamrocks bringing luck - and then talked about how we know that God has blessed us immensely with "good and perfect gifts."

2. "We TREASURE Our Classmates"

Note: This idea was adapted from an activity from "Collaboration Cuties"

I gave each student a piece of "gold" and then they drew a "stick" with the name of a classmate on it. They thought about this student and then wrote three positive character traits on their "gold." It was a great exercise and really helped to build class unit as they encouraged and edified their classmates.

Note: "dynamo" was our Word of the Day from Primary Teacherhood's "A Word A Day" packet - I love seeing them use it in context many days later!

This fabulous idea came from Lindsey at "The Teacher Wife"

The students wrote about who they value more than gold - it was a great exercise for them to consider what (or who!) truly matters in life.

4. St. Patrick's Day Game Centers
(I'm kind of cheating and putting several activities under this one category)
This afternoon we celebrated the end of a busy week by reviewing important skills and concepts using fun and festive games! 

The first center my kiddos went to was a freebie from Collaboration CutiesIt's called "Shading Shamrocks and it was an excellent collective review of synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. 

We've spent a great deal of time recently on homophones, so those were a breeze, but the kids definitely benefited from the practice differentiating between synonyms and antonyms. 

I posted these at the center for quick reference:

I got the idea for these posters here.

Second center: "The Lost Leprechaun" Synonyms and Antonyms game

For additional practice, the kiddos played "The Lost Leprechaun," a fun game created by Alisha from "The Bubbly Blonde." The students draw a card and read the two words on it. They then decide if the words are synonyms or antonyms. If they are correct, they spin to see how many spaces to move. The goal is to get their lost leprechaun to the pot of gold!

And lastly, the kiddos got some extra math practice with my "Solving Shamrocks" Multiplication Game.

The kids LOVE the game - and work cooperatively to solve equations and practice their ever-important multiplication facts.

And last, but not least...
5. Angry Birds...On the Loose!

We wrapped up our "Angry Verbs" unit this week and ended with a final assessment - a writing assignment where the students wrote about a time when their Angry Bird ran away! They planned details such as where the Angry Bird went, what kind of havoc the Angry Bird wreaked, and how they got the Angry Bird to come back. When they were finished their short stories, they underlined the linking verbs in red and the action verbs in blue. They added pictures of Angry Verbs to complete their project. These idea (and many more!) can be found in my Angry Verbs Unit

*Freebie Alert!*
SENSE-ational Spring
This is an activity that we'll be doing it next week - specifically, next Wednesday (aka the first official day of Spring!)

To celebrate Spring, I take my kids out to the playground and we lay out towels on the ground, put on our sun glasses, and experience Spring. It's a good review of their five senses while trying their hands at writing sense poetry.

Grab a copy for FREE by clicking here: Sense-ational Spring Poetry

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Well I'm out - I see an evening of pajamas and movie-watching-snuggling with the hubby!

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