"The Week Breathed a Sigh of Relief"

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Can weeks breath?
Do weeks feel relief?
No, of course not - but it does in a personification world!

1. "Thoughts of a Backpack"
We've been touching on different types of figurative language and this week was personification which is SOOOO much fun! :)

I introduced the unit with a poem called "Thoughts of a Backpack" from this book:

In preparation, I decorated one of my student's backpacks with human features. I entered the classroom wearing it and read the poem with the backpack facing the kids, as if I was the "backpack" speaking to the class.

They roared!

It was such a fun introduction - and a great overview. We analyzed the poem and pointed out the numerous examples of personification.

Another great book to use when teaching personification is:  Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers by Laura Numeroff

Personification Activities:

Personification Task Cards
I've added a brand new product to my TpT store...Personification Task Cards!

These FUN and ENGAGING cards can be used as a scoot game, a scavenger hunt around the classroom, or a center activity for review and reinforcement.

The packet includes:

  1. Personification Poster
  2. 26 Personification Task Cards
  3. Student Tracking sheet
  4. Personification student activity - directions and template

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2. Prefixes and Suffixes
We've been diving deep into word study and vocabulary work this week.

We started off with an overview using these awesome flip-books made by Christy from "Teaching Along the Yellow Brick Road"

And then mid-week we headed into the library from some hands-on, authentic practice using partner games:

Hunting through books for examples of prefixes and suffixes.

I found this great idea from Pintrest:
prefix, suffix, & root word plate

Today, as a treat, we played a really fun "I Have...Who has..." game reviewing prefixes:
The kids really enjoyed it - they were so focused on their cards, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to "pop up!" when it was their turn.

3. WW2 Guest of Honor!

My hubby is a HUGE history buff - and while the Civil War is his area of extreme expertise, he also does World War 2 re-enacting, so he has a complete uniform and collection of authentic artifacts. Since we're in the thick of WW2 in history, I invited him in to tell my students about daily life as a WW2 soldier:

My handsome "soldier," gearing up for his presentation.

I interviewed him on "Lawler Live," our classroom talk show - hence the over-sized microphone :)

Rose and I sporting the (very heavy!) helmets

My hubs and I wearing "overseas hats"

4. Teacher's Notebook: Daily Deals!
Teacher's Notebook has started a new initiative called "Daily Deals"

I was just exploring the Daily Deals site and decided to make a bid to have a product featured - and I just got an e-mail that I had the highest bid! So Saturday 3-23 (only) you can get my fun and engaging Women's History Month research project, "Give These Women a Hand" for 40% off! 

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. Easter: Color by...Parts of Speech! FREEBIE
With Easter coming up, I've been hunting around for fun and engaging activities to use with my kiddos. I have found a lot of math-focused activities, but less language arts options. So I created a color by number part of speech!

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I'd say it was a VERY successful week - so I'm linking up with The Lower Elementary Cottage for her "Successful Saturday" linky party!

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p.s. Tomorrow I'll be revealing my "lie" from this past week's "Let's Get Acquainted" linky party - if you guessed correctly, you'll be randomly entered to win ANY product from my TpT store! Check out the blog post here.

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