Taking the Groans Out of Grammar!

Happy Grammar Day Everyone!

I LOVE teaching grammar - I think it's very important that students learn to articulately communicate their thoughts and ideas. I love charting parts of speech, singing songs and chanting chants, identifying the different types of sentences, diagramming sentences, correcting fragments, listing examples, etc. 

My students...not so much.

They have many things hundreds of things they'd rather do than open their English workbook each afternoon. 

So this year I've been working diligently to make grammar fun and accessible - to show my kiddos the necessity of mastering the mechanics of the English language and providing them with opportunities to succeed and build confidence.

One thing I've done that has really gotten kids excited about grammar and given them good practice/reinforcement is sending them on scavenger hunts and through books to hunt down the different parts of speech.

I have 3 Grammar Scavenger Hunt packets for only $1 each in my TpT store:

Click on the pictures to be taken directly to the links.

I have an adjective hunt in the works - it will be up before the weekend!

"But wait..." you might be thinking, "you're missing VERBS!" 

I don't have a separate verb scavenger hunt packet, because in my classroom we don't just work with plain-ole, boring verbs...


NOTE: If you want a way to capture your students attention during grammar(and keep it!), this is it...

*These are my most popular TpT items* 

I have two Angry Verbs packets - Angry Verbs Part 1 deals with action verbs vs linking verbs and includes a scavenger hunt, a bulletin board activity, and a creative writing prompt.

Angry Verbs Unit 2 includes two center (or whole-group) activities:
1. Sorting Angry Verbs vs. Not-an-Angry-Verb
2. "In-Tense" Sorting Tensed Angry Verbs (past, present, and future)
Both games come with playing cards, a sorting mat, a student tracking chart, and an answer key

 Now I could hardly go on and on about my love of grammar and not share a FREEBIE with you! I want you (and your students!) to discover that grammar is important, is accessible, and can be fun!

Parts of Speech Selling Sort
Here's a sorting sheet that can be used for any spelling list. I use this to give my students valuable practice in sorting examples of different types of speech while writing their spelling words (killing two birds with one stone!)

Click here to download your sorting chart for FREE!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Click here for more fun FREEBIES to celebrate another Manic Monday!

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