Smile...It's Spring! (Well...almost)

I had to laugh as I typed my post title for today because while the first official day of Spring is on Wednesday, I'm looking out my window as snowy flakes cascade by and create a white covering on the grass below. 

I was planning to take my students outside to lay out on beach towels and "experience" spring with their five senses on Wednesday...but the high is supposed to be 41, so I'm thinking we're going to wait to welcome Spring for a few more days...or weeks :)

But Spring is springing for many of you around the country, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share some goodies...
I'm linking up with Sam from "Mrs. Kelly's Klass" for her "Smile...It's Spring" linky party.

Here are some Spring-themed products I would like to highlight:

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

 Give your students valuable, foundational practice with compound words with this fun and festive center! The students divide the cards into two piles (watering cans vs. flowers) They then draw a card from each pile and try to put them together to make a compound word.

This could be used as a sorting center, a memory/concentration game, a scavenger hunt, or a partner pairing activity (give each student a card and they have to find their match)

Check it out here: Springtime Compound Word Sort

"Give These Women a Hand" Women's History Month Project

You can read more about this activity in the blog post.

And last but certainly not least, I have these Spring-themed graphic organizers that the students can use to chart details (and you can use to assess comprehension) for ANY book!

Click here to check out this fun-and-functional, easy-to-use, just-print-and-hand-out 9-page packet of graphic organizers!

What do you have planned for Spring? Comment below - and then head on over and link up!

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