Show and Tell: SPELLING!

I was SO excited to see that Denise from "Sunny Days in Second Grade" was focusing on Spelling for this week's "Show and Tell" linky.
I went to a conference last year and one of the sessions completely changed the way I thought about and taught spelling.

One thing we always do on Mondays when a new word is introduced is "say, spell, say" - we say the word, spell it one letter at a time, and then say it again.

For example: "Gorilla, g-o-r-i-l-l-a, Gorilla."

We do this drill each week and I am always on the lookout for my "Say-Spell-Say" champion of the day - the student who is on-task, speaking loudly and clearly, and following along.

As we go through the list, they have to follow my pace and my volume. Sometimes I'll slooooowwww wwwaaaayyyy doooowwwwnnnn or speak in a whisper voice. Sometimes I'll lead them in a high-pitched, operatic voice - I love hearing the boys go into falsetto :)

I like giving students different review activities to prepare for their spelling test - they (and I) get bored with the routine workbook pages, so I've created a fun, engaging, and easy-to-use 20-page packet of spelling games and activities - just print and hand out...they can be used with ANY spelling list. 

Check them out by clicking here: Spelling Practice Worksheets

Thursdays in my classroom are "Spelling Game Thursdays!" (if you have an idea for a more creative title for it, I'll be glad to change it!) Boring title or not, the kids love it - they run to my class each Thursday afternoon, eager to find out which game we're going to be playing.

One of my favorite - and most popular with the kiddos - is
"Slap That Bug!"

"Slap that Bug" is a spelling and vocabulary review game that can be used for any subject. I  use sticky tack to attach little "flies" to the board, each with a point value (positive or negative) on the back. I divide the student into two teams and call up a student. If they can correctly "say, spell, say" the word, then he gets to "slap" (with a fly swatter) a fly and then will add or subtract the points to his team's score.
Note: I got these cute fly swatters from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Here are some kiddos enjoying the activity:

You can read more about the game in my original
"Slap That Bug" blog post.

Here are some other games that we play:
"Spelling Zoo"

Player 1 will reads a word for Player 2 to spell. Player 2 writes the word down on the tracking paper. If it is spelled correctly, Player 1 chooses an animal card (animal flash cards from the dollar store) to add to their zoo. If it is incorrect, they do not draw a card. Then Player 2 will read a word for Player 1 to spell and will repeat the process. The first player to collect 10 animals in their "zoo" is the winner!

Keyboard Spelling:
I give each kid a computer keyboard template and have them practice "typing" their words - it's fresh, different, and helps with their keyboarding skills! Sounds like a win-win-win to me :)

One last idea I'll share for today...
This is a whole-class game that involves some friendly boys vs. girls competition - I have two pieces of large construction paper stapled together - one side is blue (boys) and one side is pink (girls).
I call out a spelling word and then hold up my paper. If the blue side is showing, then the boys start to "say, spell, say" the word. When I flip the paper, the girls have to pick up exactly where the boys left off. Sometimes I'll let one group spell the entire word, half the word, or flip the paper back and forth several times in one word.The students need to pay close attention to me and be thinking of how to spell the word in their head as we go. It's an effective game for keeping every student involved - and on their toes!

How do you make spelling fun and engaging in your classroom?
Hop on over to "Sunny Days in Second Grade" to share your ideas!

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