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Happy Hump Day! 

I love Wednesdays  - In the mornings, I take my reading classes to the library where we do reading groups, play learning games, and spread out the pillows for some good ole fashioned "DEAR" (Drop Everything and Read) time. In the afternoons we have chapel, which is an awesome time of singing and listening to God's word. I love reading my kiddos' notes from the what they get from the speaker's message. 

Today was an extra special day because it was Spring Day! The kids wear uniforms at my school, but we had an Spring-themed "accessory" day! So the girls wore flowers in their hair, bright and colorful necklaces, and pastel-colored nail polish. The boys wore colorful, zany spring ties and funky socks. 

And another new reason I love Wednesdays is because of Jivey's new linky party, "Workshop Wednesday!"

Today's topic is reading graphic organizers and I am so excited because I LOVE LOVE LOVE using graphic organizers in class. It helps students track their thinking and it helps me to assess their comprehension. 

I've just recently compiled a bunch of graphic organizers I use in my classroom and posted them on  TpT. They are so easy to use - just print, hand out, and use with ANY book!

Click here to check them out: Graphic Organizers to Use with ANY Book!

Andddd as a special gift to my faithful followers (like you!), I have a FREE sample packet for you with 5 of my graphic organizers from this packet.

Click here to download your FREE 5-page packetEnjoy!

Head on over to Ideas by Jivey to share your reading workshop ideas!


  1. I love these. Thank you for sharing. I just added your packet to my wishlist on TPT!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Love the Text Connections graphic organizer, this is a difficult skill for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!



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