My Lie Revealed

Last week Latoya from "Flying Into First" held her "Let's Get Acquainted" linky party and the theme was "two truths and a lie."

It was so fun reading everybody's posts and trying to guess the lie - I got 98% of them wrong! I guess I'm too innocent and believing :)

So here were my three statements:
1. I am allergic to sunscreen
2. I hate bugs
3. I was born in Montreal, Canada

And the lie is.........


I LOVE bugs! Now I don't like them crawling on me or making homes in my cabinets, but I do find them fascinating. When I was in elementary school I thought I wanted to be an Entomologist (someone who studies bugs). 
When I did my student teaching semester, I did a huge unit on insects  and hosted a daily "talk show" where we "interviewed" different bugs each day - and my name on the show was "Love-A-Bug Phillips!" (my maiden name). The kids were so into it - and they all wanted Love-A-Bug Phillips' autograph :)

I had a lot of guessers - but only four got it correct!

The bloggers who guessed it correctly are...
1. Julie from Lattes and Laughter
2. Ms. M from Teaching is a Gift
3. Kelly from "An Apple for the Teacher"
4. Rose Loiacono

As a reward for guessing correctly, you can all three choose a FREE product from my TpT store!
Peruse my store and then send me an e-mail with the name of the product you would like! :)

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