Mrs. Picollo's Easy Chair

I am so excited to by linking up with my dear blogging friends, Amanda and Stacia from Collaboration Cuties, for their brand spankin' new linky party, "Must Read Mentor Texts."

It's a weekly linky party where teachers can share their favorite, tried and true mentor texts, or books used to teach a lesson. This week's topic is open, so I'm going to share one of my favorites:

I stumbled onto this incredible book in a dollar bin at a used book store - and what a find! 
 The main character of the story is a pink, fluffy, over-stuffed Easy Chair - that is anything but easy! He holds onto his owner with a pillowy grip and refuses to let her go...unless she promises him a snack. Cheese puffs, to be exact. One day the Easy Chair decides to take matters into his own hands - and walks to Friendly Fred's Fine Foods to get cheese puffs himself. Anyone who gets in his way - rambunctious boys, their frazzled mother, the store owner, Fred, and a police officer - gets swallowed up inside his cushions. The easy chair is  finally persuaded by Mrs. Picollo to "burp" up his captives and they all share some lemonade and cookies together.
Mrs. Piccolo
Mrs. Picollo's Easy Chair is an awesome book, filled with fun characters, a humorous plot, and excellent examples of personification. I shared about personification in this blog post - check it out!
I also use this to teach author's imagination - the Easy Chair is a larger-than-life character who is a bundle of laughs. He has a strong personality - without ever saying a word. The author's use of specific details and interesting plot events provides insight into the Easy Chair.
We make predictions all the way through and the kids love the zany twists and turns of the story. It also lends itself to sequencing practice as the Easy Chair eats one character after another :)

If you haven't heard of this book - you must order it today! Your classroom library isn't complete without it
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