"Give These a Woman a Hand" Women's History Month Project

Happy March Everyone! With all of the talk of shamrocks, little leprechauns running around, and pots of gold, I don't want people to overlook an important aspect of March...

Women have done so much for our country (and our world!) and to celebrate this holiday and provide my students with valuable research skills using either the Internet or an encyclopedia (or both!) I've created a "Give These Women a Hand" packet.

 "Give These Women a Hand" is a fun and engaging project template that exposes your students to a wide variety of influential women and allows them to focus on the life and accomplishments of a noteworthy woman. They take notes on 6 categories and then write the information on hand print template paper and staple the pages together to create a booklet.

17-page packet includes:
*Student instruction sheet
*Research recording sheet - detailed
*Research recording sheet – light
*Noteworthy Women Idea List
*Hand print Template
*Hand print Template – with lines
*K-W-L Chart
*Venn Diagram Activity Sheets 
*“Dear Diary” Writing Prompt
*“Celebrating Women’s History Month” writing paper
*Project Rubric

Here's a preview of the entire product:

As usual, I'd like to GIVE THIS PRODUCT AWAY for the first two bloggy friends who leave a comment with their e-mail address!

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