Five for Good Friday

*Friday Dance! Friday Dance! Friday Dance!*
I have the day off of school and spent it with my mom! We spent the morning shopping for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower (she and my little brother are getting married in September!). It's going to be AWESOME!

Tonight we're going to church for a time of worship, fellowship, and teaching on Good Friday. I am so thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross to set me free from my sins. It was a dark day in history...but we do not lost hope because we know that Sunday is coming - and the victory that Jesus brings when he defeated death!
Here's my weekly re-cap:
1. The biggest thing that happened to me in the bloggy world is my NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!! The incredibly-talented, inventive, and patient (!) Megan from "A Bird in Hand" Blog Design created it for me!
A Bird in Hand Blog Design
If you're looking to get a custom blog design done - e-mail Megan. You won't be sorry!*I also had something exciting happen - today I hit 150 blog followers and 100 TpT followers!*

2. "Look High, Look Right, Watch POETRY Take FLIGHT!"
I want to show you some examples from our poetry mini-unit: We're going to really dig into poetry during April, National Poetry Month, and to ease them into it (and whet their appetites) we started with two easy, fun, and engaging poetry activities:
Doesn't that board look great?!? I told my kiddos what I had planned for this board and then challenged them to come up with creative title suggestions. I chose one from a sweetie named Hannah - "Look High, Look Right, Watch Poetry Take Flight." I like to get suggestions from students for a number of reasons:
1. It involves them in the process and lets them take ownership of the board
2. It gives valuable practice thinking creatively, using alliteration, catch phrases, rhyming words, etc.
3. It boosts their confidence when their title gets chosen - and brightens their day each time they see it

Acrostic poems:
^Click the picture to go to the original source^

My kids love doing acrostic poems and I wanted a bright and colorful activity to boost their confidence as they write about something they know well - themselves! This is a Pintrest idea my colleague shared with me - they turned out so well!
We planned our poems - using both words and phrases - in our writing journals and then got them checked by a partner. Once the kiddos were ready, they came and got the supplies to create their final project:

Diamante Poems: 


 3. Bible Dress-Up Day! 
Our school has a tradition that on the day before Easter break, we have Bible Dress-up Day where everyone (teachers, students, secretaries, nurses, etc.) chooses ANYTHING from the Bible to dress up as.
This year I chose to be the "Tower of Babel" which is found in Genesis 11. The people were building a tower to the heavens, plotting to commit idolatry and rebel, so God scattered them and confused their languages. My hat says "Welcome to the Tower of Babel...Now Scatter" and on my shirt I drew stones, each with "hello" is a different language."
These are some of my favorite coworkers :) Rosie was the plague of the frogs, Lindsey was the Ten Commandments, and Lauren was Jesus's Family Tree.

4. Cause and Effect:
I did a quick cause and effect activity with my kids a couple of weeks ago...and they bombed it! I was very shocked...but once I got over my surprise, I kicked it into high gear and created this fun and engaging Cause and Effect packet:

Here's a fun partner matching activity that gets kids up and moving around, working collaboratively, and writing creatively: 

 Here's a preview picture of everything included in the 18-page packet:

It has helped my kiddos TREMENDOUSLY! Check it out in my TpT store - you won't be sorry!

5. As I said earlier this week, I spent my week as a South Carolina blogger:

I was down there for a curriculum development teaching conference - and it was INCREDIBLE! It was action-packed, challenging, encouraging, and motivating! I will compile my notes and share the treasures I learn later next week.
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20% off now until Monday night.

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