Sink or Float?

Today I want a shout-out to all you bloggers out there who teach the younger grades. To the teachers who spend much of their days sitting on the floor, chasing after runaway dice, managing carpet time, wiping noses, tying shoelaces, reprimanding tattlers, and comforting little hearts.  

I think you are brave. I think you were blessed with an extra dose of patience. I think what you do is important.

And I know there are a whoooollllle lot of you out there in the bloggy world :) I am always amazed at the sheer number of Kindergarten and First Grade bloggers - you are quite prolific. And I love seeing your ideas, hearing about your kiddos, and entering your classroom for a few minutes each day. You have inspired me, challenged me, and motivated me to invest my heart into my students.

So, in honor of you, I've created a product aimed at the younger grades:

My "Sink or Float" Activity Packet is 18 fun and engaging pages to reinforce/assess the concept of sinking and floating.

I have 3 Activity Suggestions:
1. Sink/Float Scavenger Hunt - gets kids up and moving!
2. Center Sorting Activity - reinforcement/assessment
3. Hands-on Science Experiment - get kids excited about learning!

Packet includes: 
* Directions/Activity Ideas
* Sink/Float Posters
* 20 Game Cards in 2 sets: 20 with words and 20 with pictures added
* 2 tracking sheets
* Prediction Paddles

Here are some sample pictures from the packet:

I've included two sets of cards: one with words and pictures and one with just the words (for teachers who don't want the students to rely on the pictures, but to focus on reading the word) 

"Prediction Paddles" for informal assessment (both pre- and post-assessment)

Two recording sheets for different activities:

 Click here ("Sink or Float")to visit my store and add this baby to your shopping cart! :)

As usual, I'd like to give away this product to the first TWO people who comment with their name, e-mail address, and a suggestion for enriching students who need an extra challenge.

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