Showing My Hall Pass

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I just got back from a WONDERFUL
get-away with my mom as a belated birthday celebration. Check out where we stayed:
It was a castle - literally! Most awesome place EVER!

I'm linking up with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for her "Hall Pass" linky party:

is for Product

With March just around the corner, I thought I would share one of my newer products:
"Solving Shamrocks" St. Patrick's Day ADDITION Game

Looking for a fun and engaging way to incorporate St. Patrick's Day into your classroom without losing precious curriculum time? Look no further!

"Solving Shamrocks" is a basic ADDITION review game that covers facts 1-12. The students draw a shamrock card and solve the problem (using provided scratch paper, if desired) and record it on the tracking sheet. Their partner checks the answer and if they are correct, they roll the dice and move along the game board. If they are incorrect, they stay on their space. The game continues until one player reaches Finish!

NOTE: There is also a second variation that reviews greater-than/less-than with a separate sorting sheet and answer key. 


***I also have a MULTIPLICATION version available in my TpT store 

 is for Area

My favorite area of my classroom would definitely be my library:

My students spend a LOT of time here - whether I'm reading to them, they're playing a center game, reading during down time, or just browsing for books - it sees a lot of traffic.

 is for Signal
I have a couple different things I do when it's time to transition:

1. "Bug Eyes" When I call out "bug eyes" the students stop what they're doing, turn to look at me, and share with big eyes - it's a long story how this tradition got started... :)  I give them the full instructions and they must not move until I say "Done."

2. My teaching partner, Rose, started this one and I've adopted it as well.
When the teacher says "Class," the students respond "Yes." Sometimes I'll say "class, class, class" and they have to say "yes, yes, yes." It works very effectively as bringing their attention back to me and what we're doing as a class.
3. I try to write a lot of my directions on the board - it gives the students practice following many steps in order and saves me from having to say things over and over. We switch classrooms a lot in fifth grade, so I will often write what they need to bring (if it's a special/different supply than usual) and what the next class needs to have out on their desks before the next class begins. It's been a real time-saver (and a voice-saver too!)

and last, but not least:
 is for Sanity

Being surrounded by 32 10- and 11-year-olds all can certainly be challenging. I stay focused by praying to the Lord continually throughout the day - for wisdom, for patience, and for joy.

And He always provides - even on the most trying days, He is faithful.

Head on over to share what makes up your HALL PASS

p.s. You know what's funny - when I was doing a practicum during college, I got stopped at one of the schools I was working in and asked to show my "hall pass" because they thought I was a student wandering around. Did I mention this was an ELEMENTARY school? So sad...


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