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 I'm linking up with Ashley from "Primary Teacherhood" for her Friday Funnies linky party!

Today I had two winners that made me chuckle right out loud:

1. I was talking about a surprise date my husband took me on last night and I said, "it warmed the cockles of my heart." One of my boys says "You have tacos in your heart? Cool!"
2. A group of Pre-K students were talking to me and I asked them if they were excited about Valentine's Day. One girl, Reese, says, "No, it's not Valentine's Day - it's Friendship Day!" and the boy sitting next to her says, "Yes, we're celebrating French Dip Day in our class!"

Kids certainly do say the Darndest Things!

Share your funny/memorable story with Ashley at "Primary Teacherhood"

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  1. haha oh my my my.. Tacos in your heart and a celebartion for french dips! Sounds like you had an interesting week!!! :) Thanks for linking up!


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