Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln SALE!

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, my President's Day Activity Packet is on sale for 20% off! (today only!)

This is a fun, engaging, easy-to-use 20-page packet!
This packet includes 4 K-W-L charts to pre-assess and post-assess student knowledge

Compare/Contrast two famous, noteworthy presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Creative writing/critical thinking activity where students imagine what they would do as president of the United States 

Instructions and Graphic organizer for Presidential Research project

Critical thinking activity in which the students compare/contrast their life with the President's

Great Patriotic Reflection activity: I am thankful to live in America because... (also would make a great Bulletin Board display!)

and much, much more!

Check it out - the 20% off sale is for TODAY ONLY!

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