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1. Flu!
I spent the first three days of the week in mismatched pajamas, lying on the couch, watching endless episodes of Gilmore Girls while my fever hovered over 102. It was full-blown acute influenza - and boy, it knocked me off my feet. I stayed home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and finally dragged myself to school on Thursday.

2. Cuttlebug!
My Cuttlebug arrived! It is the most fun thing EVER! I can't wait to spend a snowy Saturday crafting!

3. Stock Market Project
We've been studying the 1920s and as we transition into the 1930s, we've stopped in at the Stock Market Crash of 1929. I find the stock market one of the trickiest things to teach - the kiddos can't grasp the concept of banks running out of money. They don't understand that when you deposit money in the bank, it doesn't just sit there in a box. So we read articles, watched videos, and played a classroom interactive stock market simulation called "Buy, Sell, or Trade" 

Here's a sample of what the display and student report could look like:
 Here's a blank template for the students to fill out:
Click here to grab a FREE copy of the packet: Stock Market Class Simulation

It may seem a little daunting and over-the-heads of many students, but it's worth it for the few students who really grasp it and are challenged by the concept - I have kids BEGGING to do it again for another five days next week! 

4. ABC Biography Projects
We are starting our next book report: biographies!
I'll post more on it when they come in, but here's the basic premise: Each student will choose one person to read about and study. They will create an ABC booklet (template from Laura Candler) with 26 facts about the person's life.

Here's my example after reading to my kiddos these books about Louis Braille:

The students are excited to get started - I can't wait to see how they turn out!

5. An Unusual Superbowl Line-up
In honor of the Superbowl (and capitalizing on the football hype of my 10-year-old boys) we did a fun creative activity. We read the short story "One in a Million" about a football team championship in which one team is human and the other is made of a bunch of animals...literally. It's a hilarious story and the kids love it each year. In honor of the Super Bowl, I had the students propose their own new Super Bowl players. They did a wonderful job - here are a couple of examples:

Note the fact that it is not just any rabbit - but a rabbit with rabies :)

Well I'm off to enjoy a snowed-in Saturday! I love a good snowstorm - hot chocolate, movies, crafting...bring it on! :)

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