A Satisfied Shopper

As both a TpT seller and buyer, I had a lovely Super Bowl weekend!

I'm linking up with "Blog Hoppin" and "My Journey to Fifth Grade" to share what we bought on the special sale weekend.

I wanted to share a couple things I bought on this Sunday's Super Sale!

Aren't these cool? I've been fascinated with Mr. Hughes' dodecahedron projects for a while, so I decided to take the plunge. I'm always looking for new, fun, and creative book report ideas, so  I thought this would be a practical buy.

2. Comprehension Question Fans from Runde's Room

I can't wait to use these with my kiddos - there are TONS of questions that can be used to assess comprehension, deeper understanding, and enhance critical thinking with any book.

What did you buy? Link on up to share your goodies!

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