100th Post...About Our 100th Day!

Hello friends!
Well today is my 100th post - I cannot believe how quickly the months have flown by since I started this little ole blog in the fall!

I thought it would only be fitting to use my 100th entry to post pictures and stories of our 100th Day Adventures!
My 5th grade partner and I decided to do combined centers for the 100th day: 3 in her room and 3 in mine. We divided the kiddos up into 6 groups and gave them 30 minutes in each room. They had a blast!

Here are the activities we did:
1. 100 Days Smarter:

Each student wrote three facts they've learned since September. 
Then we connected all of the facts in a paper chain and displayed 100 facts (actually 5 chains of 20), showing that we're now "100 Days Smarter"

They wrote facts they had learned in academic subjects as well as life lessons - it was really cool to see all that they had retained.

2. 1-0-0 pictures:
Each student was given die cuts of the numbers 1, 0, 0 and had to create a picture using the numbers. That was all of the direction we gave - and look how AWESOME they turned out:

3. If I was 100 Years Old...

The students completed a creative writing assignment in which they imagined their lives at age 100. They had a lot of fun using their imaginations...hence the man in the top left :)

4. I could...I couldn't...
This center asked the students to imagine what they could and could not do.

For example:
I could carry 100...
but I couldn't carry 100...


I could eat 100...
but I couldn't eat 100...

Some of my favorites were:
*I could carry 100 paperclips, but I couldn't carry 100 sumo wrestlers.
*I could eat 100 pieces of chocolate, but I couldn't eat 100 pieces of lettuce (not so sure about the truth in that one!)
*I wish I had 100 dollars, but I don't wish I had 100 mosquito bites

5. Addition Race to 100

The students played a partner dice game in which they practiced basic addition facts (even fifth graders still need a refresher every now and then!). They rolled dice and added up their numbers each turn. First to 100 wins!

6. Create-you-own Spinner
The students divided a circle to create their own spinner and then used a paper clip to practice fractions, probability, and stylistics. 


Well I'm off on a girly getaway with my mom - Enjoy your Tuesday!

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