What's In a Name? Activity

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We've been talking about our names this week and the meanings behind them. 

We discussed Deborah, our Bible hero for the week, and the fact that her name means "Busy Bee." We talked about the different roles that she played (wife, mother, judge, prophetess, etc.) and how her name was quite fitting.

That spurred a discussion of our own names, the meanings, and the stories behind them.

Here's the template:
Here's my example - note that my name means "Wealthy" - I told them that that was why I became a teacher- to live up to my name! HAH! :)

Sorry for the glare - it's laminated, which is wonderful for keeping year after year, but not so wonderful for picture-taking.

Some student examples:

The finished product:

Click here to download the activity for FREE: What's In A Name?

Because I teach at a Christian school, our project was focused on living up to our God-given names, but I modified the template to be used at any school. I challenged my students with this and I'll leave you with it as well:

I'm linking up with Teaching Blog Addict for Freebie Friday!
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