Tell Me Something Good

It's that time of the week again! I love Jennifer's "Tell Me Something Good" linky parties - they always warm my heart and help me to keep a proper perspective, especially during tough weeks.

Something good from school:

My students LOVED the homophone unit this week. Our spelling curriculum had us focusing on homophones and I decided to couple that with extra practice in Language Arts because my students really needed some help. You can read more about it here: Hooray for Homophones!

Also, we had our school's National Geographic Bee this week. 10 students from 5th-8th grade were chosen to compete for the title of Champion. We had two fifth graders who qualified and one of my students, Daniel, won 2nd place! It was a tough match - he only lost by one question - and to an 8th grader! I was one proud teacher! We threw Daniel an impromptu movie-and-popcorn-party to celebrate that afternoon. 

Something good from home:
My hubby is home! He's been away on a mission trip in Chile, working at a Word of Life camp, doing maintenance and construction. It was a good week - people from my school and church were very hospitable in inviting me over for lovely dinners and checking in on me. But boy am I glad to have Team Jess and Jon united once again on the home front :)

Head on over to Rowdy in First Grade and "Tell Me Something Good!"
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