$ Show Me the Money! $

In Social Studies, we've been working on a large Economy unit, focusing on producers and consumers, supply and demand, communism and capitalism, earning and spending, how money is minted, etc. 

It's a big unit and we've been doing lots of fun activities with it. I plan to have a large packet ready for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers by the end of this week. Stay tuned!

After talking a lot about the economy, we discussed the creation and distribution of money.  We watched these two great videos:

1. "The Birth of a Coin"

2. "How It's Made - Coins" 

Here's a FREEBIE to start your anticipation and whet your appetite for the full packet :)

Here are some samples from my classroom:

I'll leave you with a question I ask my students: If you had $1,000 to spend on anything you wanted, how would you spend it?
Leave a comment with your answer :)

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