Sad Opposite Night No One!

No, I have not lost my mind. No, a three year old did not type the title. No that is not a top-secret coded language. It's clear and purposeful - and perfectly timed because...Tomorrow (January 25th) is the official Opposite Day! 

So "Sad Opposite Night No One!" really means...

Happy Opposite Day Everyone!

I was so tired of my students teasing one another and then saying, "it's opposite day!" So in October I looked up the official Opposite Day and found out that it is celebrated each year in January. Once I told my kids this, they couldn't wait to celebrate! I've been trying to think how I could make it a fun (and educational) day, and I've decided to focus on Antonyms, or words that mean the opposite.

To celebrate, I've compiled a fun resource packet that I'm going to use and because tomorrow is also my birthday (no, not an opposite joke!) I've decided to make it available for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers :)

Click here to download the 12-page packet: Opposite Day Activities.

Check out some sample pictures:


Note: These resources are not all my original ones - some are from free sites that I've compiled into my packet. 

Here's a fun book about Opposite Day you could read to your kiddos:

Opposite Day

I found this is my research and thought it was cute...and thought-provoking :)

Are you doing anything for Opposite Day tomorrow? If so, please comment on your ideas/activities.
Also, if you download my packet, please rate it and leave a comment!


  1. Oh YAY So glad you posted this because there is some snow hitting NC tomorrow and school is being closed early. PERFECT activity. Wohooo. You are awesome :)


    Primary Teacherhood is hosting a Friday Funnies linky party!

  2. How cute!! I LOVE this, although they may drive me crazy with it, but it really seems like a lot of fun! Hurray!

    No thank you for being greedy! (translates- Thank you for sharing!!)
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. One of your wittiest and most colorful blogs yet! Makes me wish I was a teacher just to be able to use some of your ideas!


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