Reviewing Classroom Procedures: 2 Freebies!

Hello folks! Well, unlike many of you lazing around in pajamas, enjoying the last couple days of break, I'm back to the ups and downs of teaching 10- and 11-years olds :)
I wasn't too thrilled when my alarm went off this morning, but once I was up and going, I was ready to tackle another semester. And once I entered my classroom, I felt right at home.

The Friday before break was an unusual one - we were supposed to have a half-day filled with Christmas snacks, Christmas Bingo, Christmas-ornament decorating, Christmas get the picture. However, I arrived to school at 7:15 to a dark building and empty parking lot. A horrible thunderstorm was raging and had knocked out the power to the street. We waited (and prayed) for the power to return, but when it was still dark at 8:15, my principal made the decision to close the school. Students had already arrived for "Before  Care" so we had to telephone parents and wait for them to come back to school to pick up their disappointed children. Alas, no Christmas parties, no gifts were exchanged, and no Christmas cookies were consumed. It was a sad day...

But we got to start our Christmas vacation a few hours early and that warmed my heart :)

Our Christmas party will now be on Friday afternoon, so the holiday cheer and  festivities will continue!

I was very surprised (pleasantly!) when the vice principal walked into my class with a new student joining our little home in room 14! She is a lovely girl and fit right in at once, eager to make new friends and please me.  It was perfect timing for her to join as I was planning on reviewing our classroom procedures this week anyway. We went through the basics and the students helped me as we filled her in on specific and unique ways we do things. When strung all together, I found out I have a lot of weird catch phrases and habits! :)

At the beginning of the year, I always review and revamp my classroom procedures list to make sure that I have a plan for (almost) every situation. To help keep myself and the students organized, I came up with a major checklist of many events that happen in the classroom with a space for me to pre-determine a procedure. I use this heavily at the beginning of the year and referenced it again in preparation for the start of a new semester. I even gave a copy (with the procedures filled in) to my new student so that she can reference it during the next couple of days.

The packet is includes 2 pages with sample events that require a pre-determined procedure and a blank template for you to customize to meet the individual needs of your classroom.

You can download it for FREE by clicking here: Classroom Procedures Checklist

This could also be given to a student teacher or practicum student. You could give it to them filled in or blank and let them observe to see what your procedures are :)

With a new student, I don't go through all of the "get-to-know-you" activities that we do in September, but I am having her fill in the information and interest survey, so I can quickly get to know her interests and reading preferences. 

It can also be downloaded for FREE from my TpT store by clicking here: Student Information and Interest Survey

Well I'm off to recuperate from a hectic (albeit wonderful) first day back!

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