Friday Flashback: Our Holiday Re-cap

Whew! Made it through the first three days back... and it felt like 7! I often find shorter weeks or half days more emotionally draining and exhausting than regular weeks.

I'm linking up with Amanda from "Teaching Maddeness" for her Friday Flashback linky party. Link up and share ideas and activities from the past week.

This week was spent easing back into school, going over routines and spending time welcoming our new student.

Here's a review of our (short) week:

The students were all eager to share stories from their Christmas vacation. So, to give them all the opportunity to "get it out of their system," I used my "Holiday Re-cap" activity. To get their creative juices flowing, they filled out this graphic organizer:

Then used the information to connect into sentences and form a story of their holiday vacation. Then, we moved along through the writing process as the students worked together in pairs to revise and edit their papers, using this checklist: 

Then I conferenced and met with each student individually (a huge feat and one that I am planning to continue the rest of this year) to discuss their paper, their strengths and weaknesses, and then talk about ways to improve them. 

Here are some examples of their final drafts:

Next we did some activities from my "Ringing in the New Year" packet, which is on sale now for only $3

 We discussed resolutions and set three for 2013:

 I'm looking forward to next week, to a return to normalcy.

Well I'm off for tonight - time to get snuggled into my heated mattress with a good book.

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Jessica! I love that you spent the week recapping their vacation and setting goals. Sometimes I think I don't set aside enough time for sharing things like that - love how you turned them into teachable moments! :)

    Teaching Maddeness


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