Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I could fill journals with the humorous, touching, bizarre things my students say throughout the day. I love the idea from Jessica at  A Turn to Learn. Each week she chronicles a funny/memorable thing that has been said by one of her students. I decided to join in the fun!

What Did They Say!?

As many of you know (from previous posts) my husband has been in Chile on a mission trip. My class had been very concerned for his safety and my well-being during his absence. 

One of my students, Victoria (the source of much joy and laughter throughout the day!) asked if I missed Mr. Lawler. "Yes I do, very much," I said. "Well, let the tears flow, because this shoulder is wide open!" Victoria answered, patting her shoulder :)
It warmed my heart and brightened my day!

Hop on over to "A Turn to Learn" to share a funny/sweet story.

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