Hooray for Homophones!

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This week we've camped out in homophones - and it's been a blast! The kids LOVED it - and they sure needed the practice. I'd gotten so many cute cards that say "Your the best!" which is sweet, but showed a glaring gap that needed to be fixed. Thus - a homophone week!

1. The first day we went over the definition of a homophone and listed common examples. I challenged them to write as many homophone pairs as they could think of in 3 minutes and awarded the student with the most - 36 pairs! I was impressed.

2. Then we read this fabulous book:

...and the students laughed and laughed! The illustrations really make the book, so make sure you read it in a place where they can all see. It helps them to grasp the difference between the homophone pairs.

3. Next, we played a fun partner game called "A Pair of Pears"
Each student was given a "pear" with a homophone word on it. They had to walk around the classroom saying their word and find the partner who was saying a word with the same sound. They brought their pair of pears to me and then worked together to fill out the homophone page. 

These pear cutouts were a free download from The Mailbox Magazine online - it was for a different bulletin board, but I'm a firm believer in multi-purposing my resources :)

Once the students found their "pair" they filled out this Homophone sheet with the two words and a sentence that contains both homophones. Then they add an illustration to complete the page. They had a wonderful time and their sentences were quite humorous...

The sheet was part of a free download from Rachel from "Minds In Bloom"

Here are some of the student examples:


4. We spent A LOT of time going over tricky homophones such as
  • your vs. you're
  • there, their, they're
  • to, too, two
We did a couple "Your vs. You're" WS and a quiz downloaded for FREE from "Minds in Bloom"

Hop over to Rachel's TpT store to download them the pack for FREE!

FREE Your and You're Homophone worksheet.
5. Lastly, I created a fun game/activity/center idea to review/reinforce homophones. The students match the snowman with his hat to pair up the homophones. The packet is 20 pages and is on sale this week for only $2! Check it out here

Here are some sample pictures:


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