Groundhog Day Activities

We're having a fun groundhog-filled week in my fifth grade classroom :)

I'm amazed at how little my kids knew about Groundhog Day - the history, the predictions, and the effect one little groundhog has on the seasons! :) I had my work cut out for me! We started out by reading this book:

and filling out a K-W-L chart. 

The we did some groundhog vocabulary activities

We also read this winner:

...and tried our hands at some artsy activities! 

We worked on character development as each student wrote as Punxsutawney Phil 

and then worked on story creation and sequencing with this fun Groundhog Day Comic Strip:

It's not too late to try these fun activities with your kiddos - Head on over to my TpT store to pick up a copy of my 10-page Groundhog Day activity packet for only $1!
Groundhog Day Activity Packet

Happy early Groundhog Day Everyone!

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