Continent Desk Labels

I've been insanely jealous of all the bloggers writing about their productive snow days - we got a nice coating of snow, but had to watch the beautiful flakes fall from inside our classrooms. I had to lower my blinds to stop the incessant yelling of "SNOW!" every few minutes :)

Today began a new marking period - and for the students that means a fresh start! We talked a lot today about setting goals for a new quarter and making an action plan for being the best student and friend that we can be. 

I also changed my seating as the kids were whining and complaining asking for them :) I thought I'd share my group labels for someone to up their system/classroom now or to store away for next fall.

We change desks a lot in my class (about every 3 weeks) for a number of reasons:
1. It allows the students to work with a variety of classmates
2. Table groups can only sit together for so long before conflict arises,
3. I like to mix it up for our Team Challenge Competition.

Team Challenge Competition: Each week the students earn tally points for their "team" (table group) for answering questions correctly, being the first group cleaned up, waiting quietly, etc. Teams can also lose points for calling out, being off-task, arguing, disrespectful behavior, etc. On Friday the team with the most points wins either a prize from the treasure box (trinkets the kids go nuts for), a No Homework coupon, or a Lunch with Mrs. Lawler coupon. 

*I find the Team Challenge Competition is one of the best motivators for quality work and proper behavior - they are motivated by not only the incentive, but also the positive peer pressure from their group.*

I printed out the signs, backed them on construction paper, and laminated them. I then put stuck them on cute little picture frame holders I found in the Target $1 Spot.

You can download the signs for FREE from my TpT store: Continent Table Group Labels

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