Brain Quest Teacher of the Month Contest

A couple months ago, I won BrainQuest’s Teacher of the Month competition. As a result, our school won $500 worth of BrainQuest materials!!! It was before I really started blogging, and my students are loving the question decks so much that I wanted to take a moment to share about how cool they are and give you the opportunity to enter the contest!

You can see my essay here: Jessica Lawler BrainQuest Winning Essay

If you’ve never used BrainQuest decks before they’re awesome. They're filled with fun, engaging, and challenging questions and facts.

They can be used in the classroom in a myriad of ways:
  • As a reading group center
  • As a time-filler before lunch/dismissal
  • As a brain-booster for students who finish work early and need enrichment
  • As a whole-class activity post questions the students don’t know the answer to on an “I Wonder” board and have students look them up in the computer lab or at home.
Create a Wonder Wall in your classroom to
stimulate curiosity and critical thinking

Have each student keep an individual "I Wonder" journal

     The website has excellent ideas for incorporating Brain Quest into the classroom. One class idea (or even school-wide idea!) is to host a Brain Quest Challenge. You can find out more details here: Brain Quest Challenge

      Also, there is a BrainQuest App you can download and use at home or in the classroom.

      How do you make learning an adventure? Hop on over to Brain Quest and submit an essay to be considered for the Brain Quest Teacher of the Month. You get $500 plus $500 worth of Brain Quest products for your school. Sounds like a win-win to me!


  1. That's so cool!! :) I had some when I taught 2nd grade and they loved them!!

  2. I love the idea of the wonder wall and wonder journal! Thanks so much for sharing! Have you seen the website: It looks like a lot of fun (I'm not affiliated, just think it's cool!)
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

    1. Glad you like the idea - I haven't seen that website before, but will definitely check it out; thanks! :)


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