Are You Ready To Go Back?

Happy New Year, Everyone! Hellllooooo 2013!

Well I'm sad to say it, but, ready or not, my lovely Christmas vacation has come to an end. Tomorrow we're back to alarm clocks, seemingly-too-short prep periods, funny moments, teachable moments, laughs with coworkers, lunch duty, classroom management, and working with those entrusted to us. For me, it's back to the adventure of working with my lovable, challenging 5th graders :)

Because it's just a 3-day week, we're going to ease back into school, reviewing procedures and recapping our holiday vacations. I have three items I want to highlight to make your back-to-school planning a breeze: 

1. Holiday Re-cap," a 7-page packet in which the students go through the writing process and review their Christmas vacations in a meaningful way. 

Click here to download it on Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here are some sample pictures:

2. "Ringing in the New Year"It's a 19-page packet that teaches students about New Year celebrations and engages them with a wide range of activities for multiple subjects, including reading comprehension, writing, math(collecting data and creating graphs) , spelling/vocabulary, and poetry. It also includes a bulletin board idea, complete with template and title (in both color and B&W)

It is $1 off this week only!

Click here to download the resource on Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers

Here are some preview pictures:

Click here to download the resource on Teachers Notebook orTeachers Pay Teachers

3. New Year's Themed Spelling
And finally, here is a FREE item you can download to use the first week back. This FREE packet includes a 10-word Spelling list with a New Year's theme and an assignment (in-class or homework) in which students must write each word three times and then choose five of the words to use in sentences. Also includes 10 word cards for a word wall or spelling center.

Click here for your FREE copy of the New Year's Themed Spelling List and activities.

Now I'm off to Barnes and Noble for our yearly spree! Every year after Christmas we go to this HUGE Barnes and Noble that has a special used book section where I can spend all day on the floor of the children's book aisles and stock my ever-growing classroom library :)

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