Good-bye January!

Good-bye January, it's been fun. Helllllooooo February!

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Here's a summary of my January:

And..........Like many others, I'll be hosting a SALE this weekend!


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Angry VERBS Unit Two
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February MEGA Packet:

Happy February!

Also, in honor of February starting tomorrow, I'll be GIVING AWAY my February Mega Activity Packet to two random bloggers who leave their e-mail and their classroom "can't live without!" (what is something you use in your classroom that helps your day run smoothly)

The random winners will be announced tomorrow, February 1st!

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Groundhog Day Activities

We're having a fun groundhog-filled week in my fifth grade classroom :)

I'm amazed at how little my kids knew about Groundhog Day - the history, the predictions, and the effect one little groundhog has on the seasons! :) I had my work cut out for me! We started out by reading this book:

and filling out a K-W-L chart. 

The we did some groundhog vocabulary activities

We also read this winner:

...and tried our hands at some artsy activities! 

We worked on character development as each student wrote as Punxsutawney Phil 

and then worked on story creation and sequencing with this fun Groundhog Day Comic Strip:

It's not too late to try these fun activities with your kiddos - Head on over to my TpT store to pick up a copy of my 10-page Groundhog Day activity packet for only $1!
Groundhog Day Activity Packet

Happy early Groundhog Day Everyone!

LOVEly Valentine's Day Activity

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As an upper elementary teacher, I find February to be a difficult month because there are SO MANY HOLIDAYS and I can only justify drifting from the curriculum so much. So I've decided to find activities to incorporate the holidays into my curriculum - in fun and engaging ways.

I have created a My LOVE-ly Valentine's Pack that can be downloaded from my 

TpT store for FREE:

Also, if you're looking for more February activities, the Valentine's Packet is available in my large February MEGA packet, which includes 39-pages of activities for Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Groundhog Day.

Got your own Valentine's Day ideas to share? Head on over to "Sunny Days" to share your ideas on "Show and Tell Tuesday"!
And don't forget to "Share the Wealth"  and post a freebie on "An Educator's Life"

Brain Quest Teacher of the Month Contest

A couple months ago, I won BrainQuest’s Teacher of the Month competition. As a result, our school won $500 worth of BrainQuest materials!!! It was before I really started blogging, and my students are loving the question decks so much that I wanted to take a moment to share about how cool they are and give you the opportunity to enter the contest!

You can see my essay here: Jessica Lawler BrainQuest Winning Essay

If you’ve never used BrainQuest decks before they’re awesome. They're filled with fun, engaging, and challenging questions and facts.

They can be used in the classroom in a myriad of ways:
  • As a reading group center
  • As a time-filler before lunch/dismissal
  • As a brain-booster for students who finish work early and need enrichment
  • As a whole-class activity post questions the students don’t know the answer to on an “I Wonder” board and have students look them up in the computer lab or at home.
Create a Wonder Wall in your classroom to
stimulate curiosity and critical thinking

Have each student keep an individual "I Wonder" journal

     The website has excellent ideas for incorporating Brain Quest into the classroom. One class idea (or even school-wide idea!) is to host a Brain Quest Challenge. You can find out more details here: Brain Quest Challenge

      Also, there is a BrainQuest App you can download and use at home or in the classroom.

      How do you make learning an adventure? Hop on over to Brain Quest and submit an essay to be considered for the Brain Quest Teacher of the Month. You get $500 plus $500 worth of Brain Quest products for your school. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Continent Desk Labels

I've been insanely jealous of all the bloggers writing about their productive snow days - we got a nice coating of snow, but had to watch the beautiful flakes fall from inside our classrooms. I had to lower my blinds to stop the incessant yelling of "SNOW!" every few minutes :)

Today began a new marking period - and for the students that means a fresh start! We talked a lot today about setting goals for a new quarter and making an action plan for being the best student and friend that we can be. 

I also changed my seating as the kids were whining and complaining asking for them :) I thought I'd share my group labels for someone to up their system/classroom now or to store away for next fall.

We change desks a lot in my class (about every 3 weeks) for a number of reasons:
1. It allows the students to work with a variety of classmates
2. Table groups can only sit together for so long before conflict arises,
3. I like to mix it up for our Team Challenge Competition.

Team Challenge Competition: Each week the students earn tally points for their "team" (table group) for answering questions correctly, being the first group cleaned up, waiting quietly, etc. Teams can also lose points for calling out, being off-task, arguing, disrespectful behavior, etc. On Friday the team with the most points wins either a prize from the treasure box (trinkets the kids go nuts for), a No Homework coupon, or a Lunch with Mrs. Lawler coupon. 

*I find the Team Challenge Competition is one of the best motivators for quality work and proper behavior - they are motivated by not only the incentive, but also the positive peer pressure from their group.*

I printed out the signs, backed them on construction paper, and laminated them. I then put stuck them on cute little picture frame holders I found in the Target $1 Spot.

You can download the signs for FREE from my TpT store: Continent Table Group Labels

Linking Up With LOVE!

I'm joining Tessa from "Tales from Outside the Classroom" 

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Here are some things I'm LOVING!

My family! This weekend was filled with lovely birthday celebrations, gifts, and way too much cake! (which is NEVER a bad thing in my book!) 

That is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake, my friends.
My mouth is watering at the memory...

My Cricut!
You can read more about the crazy circumstances that led to me buying my very own CRICUT by clicking here.

I got THREE new cartridges PLUS a Cuttlebug for my birthday! I am one spoiled crafter!


I recently opened a TpT and TN store and am LOVING it! I've learned SO much in the 6 weeks since I started - and am on a posting craze! Thank-you SO much to everyone who has been so supportive and helpful as I begin this new adventure.

Looking for some fun and easy-to-implement February activities that incorporate holidays, but don't throw the curriculum out the window? Check out my February MEGA Packet that is 39-pages of ideas and activities for Groundhog Day (February 2), Valentine's Day (February 14), and President's Day (February 20)

I LOVE teaching grammar - I think it's so important to know how to speak and write correctly, as it is often the thing that people judge first. I want my students to be mature speakers and writers - and to use grammar rules with confidence!

Looking for a way to engage students in a grammar lesson in a meaningful way? Look no further! Here's a sneak preview at my newest product, Pronouns Scavenger Hunt Activity!


Engage your students with this fun and challenging Scavenger Hunt activity! Send your students searching around the classroom for pronouns - and watch their understanding deepen as they differentiate between words that are pronouns and words that aren't, as well as subject pronouns versus object pronouns.

16-page packet includes:
• Scavenger Hunt instructions
• 24 word cards
• Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet #1
• Scavenger Hunt Recording Sheet #2
• Answer Keys (2)
• Pronoun Prompts: three writing prompts with instructions to underline the pronouns in each story

And last, but not least...

I'm loving me some Downton Abbey! I'm off to make dinner and then re-watch Season 3 episode 2 in preparation for episode 3 coming on tonight at 9!  Anybody else in the blogging world with me? 

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