Winter Activity Ideas and Freebies

The Christmas spirit has descended on my classroom - and the kids are oh-so-ready! We did an acrostic poetry activity yesterday and one student wrote for N: "Needs Christmas break now!" I laughed and agreed wholeheartedly! I wanted to share a couple winter activities we've been doing:

If you haven't read this book to your students, you must! Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin tells the story of snow-loving Wilson "Willie" Bentley who wanted to share the beauty of snowflakes with the world. Using a special camera with a microscope on it, he was able to capture photographs of snowflakes. The book tells the story of his life and has interesting facts on the sidebars of the illustrations for older audiences.

Here are some pictures of his snowflakes:

Amazing, aren't they? Photos from 

I created a powerpoint with different pictures of the his snowflakes. If you would like a copy of the Snowflake Bentley PPT, please visit my TpT for a FREE download.

We then discussed just how each snowflake is completely unique, we are all created unique, one-of-a-kind. It spurred a really good conversation about loving one another's differences and being kind of all in our class.

After our book, we read the poem, "Snowflakes" by David McCord and discussed the author's use of stanza formation, vivid verbs, and descriptive adjectives. Then the students tried their own hand at writing snowflake poetry. They had the choice of writing an 8-line poem with an AB rhyming scheme, an acrostic poem, or a haiku. 

Click here for FREE snowflake poetry paper I made for your students to use when writing winter poetry.

Then they made snowflakes as unique as they are to accompany their poems! Here are some of their final products:

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