Verb Gumball Sort

Hello bloggy friends!
In keeping with my verb-themed week, I wanted to share another verb idea, this one causing the students to discern between helping verbs and main verbs in a sentence.
After discussing the definition of a helping verb and doing numerous examples where we found the helping verb in a sentence, I gave them this "gumball sorting activity" to test their knowledge.
Here's the assignment:
They had to color the gumballs, cut them out, sort them based on whether they were a helping verb or a main verb, and the glue them onto the correct gum ball machine.

Click here for the gumball machine template and the gumballs to sort
Here's a sample of the final product:
Then the students had to write five sentences using pairs of helping verbs and main verbs from their gumball machines. In the sentences they needed to underline the helping verb in green and the main verb in red.
Example: Mom said that we can eat these brownies.
It was hands-on for the kids and allowed me to see at a glance who had mastered the concept and who were confused and needed to be retaught in a small-group setting. See, it can be done - you can trick kids into having fun while studying grammar! :)
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