I'm linking up with "A Turn to Learn" for her weekly "What Did They Say?" Linky party. It's such a wonderful idea - sharing memorable quotes/funny stories that we hear from our kiddos all day long.

What Did They Say!?
When I did my student teaching in second grade, I sent a weekly email (before blog!) to friends and family called "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Even now, teaching fifth grade, I hear things that make me laugh right out loud every day! :)

Here's one from my class this week:

We were discussing a journal entry: "If you had a private jet that would take you anywhere you wanted to go, where would you choose and why?"

One of my students was chewing on his pencil, tapping it on the table, etc. When I went over to see why he wasn't writing, he said, "Mrs. Lawler, I just can't make up my mind...Should I choose Fiji or Dorney Park?" 


I told him I'd choose Fiji in a heartbeat :)

Go on over and link-up to share your memorable quotes from this week!
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