Get a Jump-Start on Planning for the New Year!

Well we've made it down to less than a week before Christmas vacation begins!
I don't know about you, but my kids are definitely ready for the break - as am I! We've been rehearsing for our Christmas concert for the last two-days non-stop (!) and are gearing up for the performance tonight. I can't wait to get back in the classroom for a return to normalcy (if that's possible!) during our final days of Christmas festivity.

Now, with Christmas looming, I've also been looking ahead to what we'll do when we return to school in January. It is my goal to have everything planned (and copied!) for the first week back before I leave on Friday. That way I can sit back, enjoy time with family, and RELAX! And I want the same for you - so I have created two wonderful new packages that will make lesson planning for the week you return a breeze.

Check them out:

The first is a multi-subject unit entitled "Ringing in the New Year". It's a 19-page packet that teaches students about New Year celebrations and engages them with a wide range of activities for multiple subjects, including reading comprehension, writing, math(collecting data and creating graphs) , spelling/vocabulary, and poetry. It also includes a bulletin board idea, complete with template and title (in both color and B&W)

It is perfect for classroom or home use the first week back to school after the holiday vacation.

Click here to download the resource on Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers

Here are some preview pictures:

Click here to download the resource on Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers

The second idea is a "Holiday Re-cap," a 7-page packet in which the students fill in a graphic organizer and then write about the highlights of their holiday vacation, including the best give they gave/received, their best memory, the funniest thing that happened, as well as sections where they look back on 2012 and forward to 2013. The packet also includes rough draft paper, a revising/peer-editing checklist, and 2 template options for the final draft. This can be done in a Language Arts or Reading class over 4 days and the final product (or the graphic organizer itself) could be used as a bulletin board display.

Click here to download it on Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here are some sample pictures:

Download these packages now and get a jump-start on your planning for the New Year! Trust me - you'll be glad you did!

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