A Look at 2 New MATH Units: Cookies for Santa...Addition and Multiplication

I wanted to highlight two new products in my TpT store, which are Common Core Aligned and just in time for the holidays!

They're Common Core Aligned MATH activities that engage students during the final days before Christmas and reviews math facts (addition and multiplication). It can be used as a partner game, an individual assignment, or a math center activity. 

It can be used in a variety of classrooms - it may look a little young, but I plan to use it with my fifth graders - they can definitely still use the practice! I think they will benefit from the review and it will help me see what differentiation I need to implement in the new year.

Each 8-page packet includes:
  •        Cover sheet (with directions)
  •        12 cookie game pieces
  •        1 game board (with 2 Santa plates - sorting products or sums)
  •        Recording sheet
  •        Scratch paper
  •        Answer Key
I have made an addition version for younger grades and a multiplication version for the upper grades.

Here are some sample pictures of the MULTIPLICATION packet:

Here are some sample pictures of the ADDITION packet:

Stop by my TpT store to preview these products and many more!

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