Welcome to Noun Town! And a Thankful LINKY party!

Our English curriculum jumps back and forth between grammar and writing units, and this month we've been knee-deep in grammar - specifically nouns. I love teaching grammar (nerdy, I know!) and want kids to get excited about mastering the (albeit many!) rules and patterns in grammar and figurative language.

We've been doing a ton of Noun activities, but I wanted to share a sampling:

1. I started off the unit by showing the Schoolhouse Rock video, "A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing." You can watch it here. 

2. Noun Scavenger Hunt
We searched through the classroom, the school, and books for examples of the four types of nouns - people, places, things, and ideas. We recorded our findings on a chart we added to throughout the week.

Click here to download the Scavenger Hunt Chart for free

3. Noun Town
After our discussion of common vs. proper nouns, we worked together to create a "Noun Town!" Each student had to bring in a picture of a noun that could fit in our fictitious town. On the back they had to write:

1. The type of noun it was 
  • person: a banker, George Washington, a teacher, a girl jogging, etc.
  • place: a restaurant, ShopRite, a clothing store, etc.
  • thing: a bench, a dog, a Cadillac, etc.
   2. Is it singular or plural?
   3. Is it common (a store) or proper (Macy’s)

Click here for the assignment details document (FREE!)

Once all of the pictures came in, we sorted them based on whether they were people, places, or things. I then constructed a bulletin board, divided into three sections of "Noun Town:" 1. People Avenue, 2. Place Street, and 3. Thing Drive.

The students love seeing their work on display and it's a tangible reminder of the difference between the three types of nouns.

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And, in other news... I'm linking up with Stories by Storie for her "Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For" party as well as A Year of Many Firsts "Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts" linky party.

Here's my top 10 list:

I'm so thankful to be married to my best friend, Jonathan! We've been married for a year and a half and are still completely smitten! 

 I'm so thankful for my family - my dad is hilarious and full of real-world advice, my mom is my absolute dearest friend, and my brother is a testimony of someone who lives wholeheartedly for the Lord, no matter how unique or artsy he is :)

I'm thankful for the 5th grades God has entrusted to me this year. They're a class full of characters, that's for sure, but they are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I LOVE my job and don't take the responsibility lightly.

I'm so thankful for our new church home, Christ the King. We've been amazed by the love and hospitality showed by so many of the people there. We're thankful to have a church body of like-minded believers we can bond with and invest in.

I'm thankful for FALL and the beautiful leaves. They make me happy to be alive each day.

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