Veteran's Day Activities

Whew! We had a busy week - my students certainly have Thanksgiving fever. But despite their rowdiness and energy, we got a lot done. We spent the beginning of this week discussing Veteran's Day. 

We started out by watching this PowerPoint bade from Swamp Frog. It discusses what a veteran is, as well as the five branches of the government.

We then read a booklet about Veteran's Day from EnchantedLearning and answered some comprehension questions. 

Then we read and discussed this poem:

Veterans Day

Then the students tried their hand at writing poetry about Veteran's Day from Teach123

We then wrote thank-you letters to a veteran, Ryan, who fought in Afghanistan. The  students shared their heartfelt thanks and encouraged Ryan to trust that God would take care of him, in all situations. We used this exercise to review the proper letter format and to discuss tactful ways to talk about difficult situations.

And lastly, we made these cute little soldiers:

We did this whole-class activity to practice following directions, sequencing, and developing listening skills. 

After our soldiers were built, we used sponge paint to make their camo uniforms. Then we added little American flags and glued them onto Popsicle sticks that the soldiers could hold.

 The end of the week was spent on Thanksgiving-y things :) I'll post about that unit in the next couple of days. Stay tuned :)

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